How do I make a GIF shortcut on my iPhone?

Can you add GIFs to iPhone home screen?

Go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose New Wallpaper. Select “Live Photos” and then the live photo you just saved. Position the GIF how you want it and then tap “Set.” You can choose whether you want it to be on the Lock Screen, the Home Screen, or Both.

Can you make GIFs a widget?

You can pick from a dancing throwback banana, jack o’ lantern, and snowscapes or hearts with a photo. But like the large widget, there’s hopefully more fun GIFs in the app’s future. Widgif is available for free with in-app purchase options for the photo-related widgets.

How do I save a GIF as a video on my iPhone?

Select the video that you want to make a GIF from. Now, you can use the sliders to crop out the portion of the video where you want to create the GIF from. Once you’ve made the selection, tap on “Save”. The GIF will now be saved to the Photos app on your iPhone.

How do you make a GIF on IOS 14?

Make a GIF from a Live Photo

  1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone.
  2. Then locate the live photo you want to turn into a GIF or video and tap on it.
  3. Swipe upwards on the screen to reveal effects. You will see effects like loop, bounce, and long exposure. …
  4. Select either Loop or Bounce to create a GIF.
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How do I send gifs on WhatsApp iPhone?

Open WhatsApp and then open a conversation. Tap on the “+” icon and select “Photo & Video Library”. Locate the Live Photo you need to send and then press on it. When it pops out, slide upwards and then tap “Select as GIF”.

Where is the GIF button on my phone?

To send GIF in text message android, open your default messaging app. Look for a smiley face emoji on the keyboard, and tap it. Look for the GIF button among all the emojis and tap it.

Can you have moving widgets on iPhone?

You can also move your widgets around to put your favourite ones where they’re easier to find. Just touch and hold a widget until it jiggles, then move the widget around on the screen.

How do I make a video widget on my iPhone?

How do I add Videos to my Widgets screen?

  1. Once you have installed iOS 10.2 or later swipe right on your Lock screen to access the Widgets screen. …
  2. Scroll down and tap the Edit button.
  3. Scroll down to the “More Widgets” section and locate the Videos panel.
  4. Tap the green + sign next to the Videos widget option.