What two ways can you group elements in an Illustrator document?

How do you group things together in Illustrator?

Groups appear as <Group> items in the Layers panel. You can use the Layers panel to move items in and out of groups. Select the objects to be grouped or the group to be ungrouped. Choose either Object > Group or Object > Ungroup.

How do you organize objects in Illustrator?

You use the Align panel (Window > Align) and the align options in the Control panel to align or distribute selected objects along the axis you specify. You can use either the object edges or anchor points as the reference point, and you can align to a selection, an artboard, or a key object.

What are two ways you can create type in Illustrator?

You can create type by using one of three methods: Point type begins where you click and expands in a horizontal or vertical line as you enter characters. Area type (also called paragraph type) uses the boundaries of an object to control the flow of characters.

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How do I group folders in Illustrator?

You can also click on a layer, hold Shift, and click on another layer to select all of the layers in between them as well. Then, press Ctrl+G (Command+G on Mac) to group the selected layers.

How do you select a group?

Press either “Ctrl” or “Shift”.

  1. Then left click shapes to be group one by one.
  2. Next right click.
  3. Click “Group” option on the list-menu.
  4. And again click “Group” on the extend list-menu.

What is group selection tool in Illustrator?

Located in the Tools panel (in a subfolder of the Direct Selection tool), the Group Selection tool allows you to retain your current grouping arrangements, while still being able to select objects with a click of the mouse.

How do I center a group of objects in Illustrator?

Illustrator Shortcut to Center Objects

Select an object or a group. Next, choose Window > Align. Select Align to > Align to Art Board and use the Illustrator Horizontal Align Center and Vertical Align Center buttons on the navigation bar or in the Align window to center the object or group.

How do you select multiple objects in Illustrator?

Hold down the “Alt” key and click on individual objects to select them, or marquee around multiple objects to select all of them at once. Use the Shift key to add more objects to your selection.

How do you distribute objects evenly in Illustrator?

To distribute the objects evenly, use the distribute spacing option. If you require an exact spacing measurement between your objects, select ‘Align to Key Object’ in the drop-down menu. Enter the size before clicking the distribute spacing button (vertical or horizontal depending on the orientation you want).

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What are the 4 kinds of type normally used in Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator has six different type tools: Type, Area Type, Type on a Path, Vertical type Vertical Area Type, and Vertical Type on a Path. There are three tools for horizontal type, which goes across the screen. Then, there are three tools for vertical type that goes top to bottom on the screen.

How do you create type in Illustrator?

Enter text at a point

  1. Select the Type tool or the Vertical Type tool . …
  2. (Optional) Set text-formatting options in the Control panel, Character panel, or Paragraph panel.
  3. Click where you want the line of text to begin. …
  4. Enter the text. …
  5. When you finish entering text, click the Selection tool to select the type object.

How do I make text an object in Illustrator?

What you learned: Re-shape text

  1. Select the Selection tool and click to select a text object.
  2. Choose Type > Create Outlines to convert the text to editable paths.
  3. Click the Ungroup button in the Properties panel to be able to move the letters independently.
  4. With the Selection tool, drag each letter separately.

How do you create multiple layers in Illustrator?

Set layer and sublayer options

  1. Double-click the item name in the Layers panel.
  2. Click the item name and choose Options For <item name> from the Layers panel menu.
  3. Choose New Layer or New Sublayer from the Layers panel menu.

How do Layers work in Illustrator?

Layers are arranged in a stack in the Layers panel. In the document, content on the layers at the top of the Layers panel appears in front of content on layers that are lower in the panel. Layers allow you to move, edit, hide, lock, and work with content on one layer without affecting content on other layers.

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How do I group objects in Photoshop?

Group and link layers

  1. Select multiple layers in the Layers panel.
  2. Do one of the following: Choose Layer > Group Layers. Alt-drag (Windows) or Option-drag (Mac OS) layers to the folder icon at the bottom of the Layers panel to group the layers.
  3. To Ungroup the layers, select the group and choose Layer > Ungroup Layers.