What does tolerance mean in Photoshop?

The Tolerance option tells Photoshop how different in tone and color a pixel can be from the area we clicked on for it to be included in the selection.

What does spacing mean in Photoshop?

Spacing: Controls how many selection points are dropped while you drag your brush over a set of pixels (kind of like anchor points). Low spacing = uninterrupted brush line. High spacing = selected dots along brush line.

What does magic wand do in Photoshop?

You can use the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop to automatically select a specific section of the image. The Magic Wand uses colors to decide what should be selected, and you can change its “Tolerance” level. Once you’ve made your Magic Wand selection, you can edit that selection in several ways.

What is fuzziness in Photoshop?

The Fuzziness setting controls how wide a range of colors is in the selection, and increases or decreases the amount of partially selected pixels (gray areas in the selection preview). Set a low Fuzziness value to restrict the color range, a higher value to increase the range.

How do I take the background out of a picture in Photoshop?

Hold down the ‘Alt’ or ‘Option’ key to toggle the subtraction mode for the tool, and then click and drag your mouse around the background area you wish to remove. Release the ‘Alt’ or ‘Option’ key when you’re ready to add to your selection again.

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What is tolerance Magic Wand tool?

The Magic Wand Tolerance setting in Photoshop CS6 determines the range of color that the Magic Wand tool selects. … Setting the Tolerance to 0 selects one color only. Setting the Tolerance to 255 selects all colors — the entire image.

Why is the smart object not directly editable?

Rasterize the Layer. Another reason for the “Could not complete your request because the smart object is not directly editable” error is that you are trying to use a grid-based tool on the shape layer. The solution is to rasterize the layer so that you can use raster-based tools.

What is brush roundness?

The roundness option simply defines the roundness of the brush tip as if it were 100% a perfect circle. If you decrease the value the brush tip will squeeze together in an elliptical tip, until it ends in an almost flat line at 0%.

How do I Kern in Photoshop?

To kern text in Photoshop, click between the two letters you wish to adjust on your text layer. Once the cursor is placed, press Alt + Left/Right Arrow Keys (PC) or Option + Left/Right Arrow Keys (MAC) to increase or decrease the kerning value.

What does leading mean in Photoshop?

About leading

The vertical space between lines of type is called leading. Leading is measured from the baseline of one line of text to the baseline of the line above it.

What is gradient tool in Photoshop?

The Gradient tool creates a gradual blend between multiple colors. You can choose from preset gradient fills or create your own.

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What is tolerance and how does it affect a selection?

The Tolerance option tells Photoshop how different in tone and color a pixel can be from the area we clicked on for it to be included in the selection.