Question: How do I change my default settings in Lightroom?

Navigate to Edit > Preferences (Win) or Lightroom Classic > Preferences (macOS). Select the Presets tab from the Preferences dialog box. Select the default setting that you want to modify and do one of the following: Click the down arrow next to the default setting.

How do I restore Lightroom Classic to default settings?

Restore preferences to default settings

Quit Lightroom Classic. Press and hold the Shift + Option + Delete keys. Press and hold the Shift + Alt keys. Click Yes (Win) or Reset Preferences (Mac) to confirm.

Where is Lightroom Classic preferences?

Open the Preferences dialog box

On Windows, choose Edit > Preferences. On macOS, choose Lightroom Classic > Preferences.

How do I reset my Lightroom adjustments?

Reset Adjustments

  1. Tap the Develop button or the Presets button.
  2. Tap the Reset button.
  3. Choose which state to revert the image to: All goes back to the original image; Basic Tones resets adjustments made using the Develop controls.

What does reset all settings do in Lightroom?

Command + Shift + R (Mac) | Control + Shift + R will quickly reset the selected image to the default Camera raw settings.

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What is the difference between Lightroom and Lightroom Classic?

The primary difference to understand is that Lightroom Classic is a desktop based application and Lightroom (old name: Lightroom CC) is an integrated cloud based application suite. Lightroom is available on mobile, desktop and as a web-based version.

How do I change the interface in Lightroom?

Open up the Lightroom Preferences dialog and switch over to the Interface tab. This panel allows you to customize the Lightroom interface, allowing you to tweak settings and turn capabilities on and off.

Where are Lightroom catalog settings?

Locate the folder that contains the catalog and preview files. In Lightroom Classic, choose Edit > Catalog Settings (Windows) or Lightroom Classic > Catalog Settings (Mac OS). In the Information area of the General panel, click Show to go to the catalog in the Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac OS).

How do I revert back to original Lightroom?

Tim’s Quick Answer: You can indeed reset to the original version of a raw capture in Lightroom Classic by clicking the Reset button at the bottom of the right panel in the Develop module. If you want to preserve the edited version of the image you can create a virtual copy before using the reset option.

How do I go back to the original app in Lightroom?

Photo editing is an experimental process. To undo changes you’ve made to your image, tap the undo icon. Tap and hold to reveal the redo icon. To fully reset an image to its original state, tap Reset at the end of the adjustment menu.

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How do I edit original photo in Lightroom?

In the Library module or Develop module, select the photo you want to edit. Then, choose Photo > Edit In Adobe Photoshop. Applies any Lightroom Classic adjustments you’ve made to a copy of the file and sends that file to Photoshop for editing. Edits a copy of the original file without Lightroom Classic adjustments.

Why does my Lightroom preferences look different?

I get this questions more than you might think, and it’s actually an easy answer: It’s because we’re using different versions of Lightroom, but both of them are current, up-to-date versions of Lightroom. Both share many of the same features, and the main difference between the two is how your images are stored.