How do you repeat a circle around a shape in Illustrator?

Select the vector you plan to repeat around the center point of your circle. Click the rotate tool, hold down the option key, and click in the center of your circle. A dialog box will pop up. Type in the angle you want your object to repeat at and how many times you want your object repeated.

How do I repeat a circle around an object in Illustrator?

While holding Option down click on the center of the circle you made. This will open up a dialog box like the one below. What you want to do here is choose the degrees that your shape should duplicate across and how many instances of your shape will span that circumference.

How do you repeat an object in Illustrator?

Select the repeated artwork. Choose Object > Repeat > Options. In the Repeat Options dialog that appears, click the Mirror tab.

How do I repeat a logo in Illustrator?

Tutorial : Making A Step-and-Repeat with Adobe Illustrator’s…

  1. Place the logo you want to use into your document. Place and scale the logo to the approximate size you want it to be and select it.
  2. Make it into a Pattern. …
  3. Add Spacing and Tile Type. …
  4. Apply the Pattern. …
  5. Edit as Necessary.
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