How do I get white balance in Lightroom?

Where is auto white balance in Lightroom?

Auto White Balance

Luckily, Adobe has done a great job in Lightroom Classic, where auto settings now intelligently read the scene and make more appropriate changes. Head to the Develop module and find the white balance section in the top-right toolbar pane, and use the white balance (WB) drop-down menu to select Auto.

How do you get perfect white balance?

Set Your White Balance Manually

  1. Photograph Something White Or Mid-Gray. First, you’re going to photograph something white or mid-gray which illuminated by the same light source affecting your intended subject. …
  2. Select Your Camera’s Custom White Balance Mode. …
  3. Tell Your Camera To Use The Reference Photo You Just Took.

How do I set white balance in Lightroom mobile?

Often the easiest correction is to choose a White Balance preset.

  1. Tap the Develop button (second from left at the bottom of the screen) to reveal the controls.
  2. Tap the White Balance button to view the presets.
  3. Choose a preset to apply the change.

How do you color balance in Lightroom?

COLOR correction in Lightroom

  1. To start off color correcting an image in Lightroom’s Develop module, open the Basic panel and click the White Balance Selector which is the eyedropper in the top left corner of the panel. …
  2. If some individual colors are still incorrect you can adjust these using the HSL panel.
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