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Is algorithmic design an important component of design education today? There is a perception that design disciplines lagging behind Architectural practice! Ross Lovegrove spoke to Dezeen at the launch of United Nude 3D-Printed shoe launch in Milan.


Ilabo by Ross Lovegrove

As he says, “I think that’s starting to say something, because it’s a bit of a domain of architects and it’s only because architects have a much more evolved process,” Lovegrove said. “Compared to design, you see what’s going on in architectural education establishments from the Bartlett to the AA to ETH in Zurich, it’s incredible.”

At RMIT University, I teach Grasshopper Algorithmic Design in the Industrial Design program. Our 2015 design studio Body Movn’ develops students capabilities in algorithmic design.


AltoCloud by Scott Mayson


2013-11-14 09.37.57 pm

This book is a collection of fourth year, studio projects through a practice based design studio model at RMIT University, Industrial Design Program.

Inclusive design focuses on an approach to design that allows people to engage with the built environment in an all-encompassing way. An approach to designing products and services that strives to improve the human condition. As designers we fabricate artefacts for people, however, how often do we consider a board spectrum of the global population and, the way they go about their daily lives?

Click on the image to open the Digital Book below.

This studio aims to develop students abilities to improve solutions and break down the inherent barriers, enabling humans to participate equally, confidently and independently in their day-to-day activities.

An inclusive approach to design offers new insights, where gaps in knowlage are identified, challenging conventional wisdoms; the way people interact with artefacts in their everyday lives. We strive to discover how to develop smarter more intuitive artefacts that can improve the way we all live.



Design & Thinking is a documentary produced by Muris Media, in collaboration with Taipei Design Center U.S. that explores the idea of “design thinking”!

The documentary explores the notions of design thinking from a business and design practitioner’s perspectives. The film draws on perspectives from Dr. Dan Formosa (smart design), Dave Kelley (ideo), Tim Brown (ideo) and Bill Moggridge (cooper-hewitt, national design museum) to name a few.

Some take home messages from the documentary are: the power of a stupid idea, designing with people not for them and, one of the most powerful visual statements in this documentary is the importance of prototyping your ideas to verify design intent.


As discussed on their site Design Thinking successfully explores “How do we fully engage organisations to think about the changing landscape of business, culture and society? Inspired by design thinking, this documentary grabs businessman, designers, social change-makers and individuals to portrait what they have in common when facing this ambiguous 21st century. What is design thinking? How is it applied in business models? How are people changing the worldwith their own creative minds? It is a call to the conventional minds to change and collaborate.”



Nike MAKING is doing a lot of things right, hopefully this is a great example of their thought leadership in acting openly and acting sustainably. This tool shares their sustainability data in a predictive tool – so designers make better choices. Hopefully they share and cite the references that makeup the data used in the app.

only available at Apple Store hopefully Google Play Store soon.

Nike Making



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