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Semester 2, 2008

HIGH POWER 1-5 watt LED Lighting

Residential, Office & Outdoor Luminaire design.

This design studio seeks to promote the use of energy efficient high-power light emitting diode luminaires in residential, office and outdoor environments.

Whitelight is a collaborative studio between RMIT University, Foshan University and National Star Optoelectronics. National Star is a new entrant to the 1 watt high power LED market. Therefore, RMIT students will be able to choose from a range of other manufacturers 1-5watt high-power LED for their luminaires.

There will be a Major and Minor project for the residential/ office and outdoor luminaires. Effectively the major project will manifest as an operational prototype the minor project will be a series of high-quality renderings. This industry focus studio will allow students to generate an impressive folio piece.

The studio involves 4 contact hours per week and will demand at least 12 hours per week of solid work beyond class time.

The structure of the studio will comprise:

• Major project, three weeks finished sketch concepts and nine weeks to complete the manufacturing.

• Minor project, the six weeks to finish sketched concepts and renderings.

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