WidePan - X

Were really interested in photography, especially the nexus between Digital and Analog technologies where the camera obscura is the game for this project. We have built several cameras before in plywood including Ross Orr’s Pin-O-Rama a curved film plane pinhole camera, images here. As an industrial designer with access to 3D software & 3D Printer, I decided to design my own version of Ross Orr’s curved film plane camera in ABS plastic. The WidePan – X has three major parts:

  1. Main Body – Shutter, Tripod Mount & Lens F200
  2. Film Plane – Removable
  3. Lid – Film advance & Viewfinder

Note: ABS parts require a printer with at lease 200x200x100mm = standard REP RAP printer with heated build platform, preferably with a boxed build volume. The 3d files (STL) for the WidePan – X camera are creative commons licence and can be downloaded here:

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Experimental Design

May 8, 2014

Scott Mayson

Experimental Design, Additive Manufacturing, Open Design, Open Source