Ultimaker 1.75mm Filament Conversion

The Ultimaker One is a class leading 3D printer that is capable of printing <10 microns layer heights, and beyond 150mm/s printing speeds. Unfortunately, The Ultimaker relies on 3mm filament where  less than 1% of Australian Filament sales are 3mm filament. In order to over come these problem both commercial and OSHW 3d printing machines have moved to 1.75mm filament. Primarily as 1.75mm filament retracts volume quicker and reduces the amount of time it takes to heat the filament to its glass point in heater barrel. The advantage of using 1.75mm filament is the reduction in heater-tube volume, lowering nozzle pressure, reducing filament retraction amounts and reducing the likelihood of stripping filament at the knurled bolt.  

Unfortunately in Australia 3mm filament is less than 1% of total filament sales and suppliers have cautioned consumers about 3mm filament stock reduction. The good news, it is easy to convert an Ultimaker to 1.75mm filament. To do this you need to print the STL parts and purchase the following:

  • PTFE tube 4mm OD 2mm ID x 1 meter
  • Push fit fittings M6 thread x 2 | 1 X drilled out in lathe to Dia 4mm
  • MK7 Filament drive gear 5mm ID x 1
  • 625RS bearing 16mm OD 5mm ID x1
  • M5 x 10 SHCS x1
  • M6 x 10 SHCS x2
  • M3 x 60 SHCS x 1
  • M3 hexagon plastic nut (stand off spacer)
  • Washer to space bearing off plastic.
  • M6 Heater Barrel for 1.75mm filament
  • M6 Tap
  • M5 Tap

Print the following parts:

  Enjoy ;p If you are interested in filament tolerances and print quality you will be interested in Luke Chilson’s post at ProtoParadigm in Hermiston, Oregon, USA.

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November 20, 2014

Scott Mayson

3d Printing, Engineering, Enterprise