Sound Dampening Ultimaker

November 12, 2013

In previous posts we have discussed the Ultimaker and ways to improve layer resolution, update components and modify the filament system to match contemporary 1.75mm filament diameters. In this post we have released a Sound Dampening Spring to reduce the noise created by the filament drive.

Ultimaker printers are assembled from plywood, the back panel [where the filament drive gear sits] is one continuous section of plywood with out any large cutouts like side and front panels. The filament drive sits in to the back panel and transmits motor noise through the back panel which amplifies the sound, similar to a guitar or violin. If the filament drive is removed from back panel when running the sound is significantly reduced.

In order to reduce this different designs like [Quite Retraction] have been produced. However this greatly reduce the reliability of the original Ultimaker setup and consumes a large amount of plastic to 3d print it. In order to simplify this the following STL was designed and printed in ABS.

 DOWNLOAD: CC BY-NC-SA – Sound Dampening Spring

#Note: Please share improved files and new designs with attribution to this original design. Please do not upload carbon copy files of original design to the internet.

The video above shows the use of a simple plastic Sound Dampening Spring that provides a gap between the back panel and filament drive. The spring is mounted to the back panel with four M6 x 12 SHCS [thread four holes in plastic spring with M6 tap] place the filament drive into plastic spring as per the original design. With this part fitted the printer noise will be greatly reduced on rapid filament retractions.