The new RMIT University ceremonial MACE was designed in collaboration between Dr Scott Mayson and Dr Roland Snooks at School of Architecture & Design‘s D_LAB. The mace is 3d printed in titanium at Advanced Manufacturing Precinct at RMIT University by Professor Milan Brandt and Aaron Pateras. The mace is digitally constructed via a multi-agent swarm algorithm that is digitally optimised for Selective Laser Melting (SLM) without support material.

Additional algorithms were written to remove non buildable geometry and replace it with geometry the SLM could manufacture. The Mace totals 1200mm in length and weighs 1.6kg, due to manufacturing constraints the mace was built in four sections of variable length with unique saddle joints that were laser welded at each perimeter by Dr Mark Edgoose, RMIT Gold & Silver-Smithing. Additional selective edge and primary surface polishing was completed by hand at RMIT University by Scott Mayson.

Image Credits: Scott Mayson, Roland Snooks, Cam Newnham, Peter Weeks & RMIT University.

RMIT University - Chancellor

December 19, 2015

Scott Mayson & Roland Snooks - Designers Milan Brandt & Aaron Pateras - Additive Manufacturing Mark Edgoose - Gold & Silversmithing Cam Newnham, Alexander Nikolas Walzer & Andres Rivera - Design Team

Design, Multi-Agent Algorithim, Additive Manufacturing