Retro Direct

Practice Research

April 3, 2014


When I first decided to build a modern incarnation of a relatively unknown bicycle (Retro-Direct) the people that I described this type of bike to just could not work it out!

“I describe it as a two speed bicycle with out any gear shifting, you simply peddle forwards and backwards for low or high gear!”

This is where the puzzled looks start and a pen and pad appear to visualise the chain line. Now I simply take the bike in and there just amazed!

The images above show the custom drive of the Retro Direct Velo. The rear wheel is based around a 126mm hub for 6 speed freewheels. To this you add a spacer, 17T freewheel, bottom bracket cup, shim, 23T freewheel and join two chains to the desired length.

3D printed (additive manufactured) jockey wheel mount in 420 S/S or Ti6AI4v Titanium.

You can see the setup with two freewheels 17 & 22T and the chain line of the assembled system above. Wheels hand built by Dan at Shifter Bikes in Melbourne.

3rd Place $250USD | Snapguide Bicycle Competition

Article | RideOn Magazine – My Bike p70 Issue June-July 2014

Article | Retro Direct on Storehouse