Typically most Open Source Hardware (OSHW) developed for OSHW 3D-Printing comes as a set PCB’s. Here we propose a series of housings and component level cooling products to improve the ascetics and usability of desktop 3D-Printers.
These products are available for download at Thingiverse under CC “attribution – non-comercial – creative commons licence”.
To date these products have been downloaded over 3000 times by the RepRap Community.

Smart LCD Housing

New Improved version of the original Smart LCD Housing. The version 2 housing has the addition of two ribs that stabalise the print stopping housing from warping.
This is a housing is designed for the Smart-Adapter and Control Panel for RAMPS 1.4 by RepRap Discount.

Available for download under CC Licence
This is a table top design or can be mounted via M5 screws to T-Section alloy extrusion
Print and mount Control Panel for RAMPS 1.4 with plastic self tapping screws. and enjoy printing with out a computer.

Coming soon illustrator graphic to stick on the front of panel.

Refer to this LINK for Configuration.h pin config.

RAMPS 1.4 Smart Adapter 40mm Fan Mount


Updated V2 Better thermal management.
This is a 40mm fan mount to cool the heat sinks on a RAMPS 1.4 set-up with a Smart Adapter from RepRapDiscount fitted.
Available for download under CC Licence

November 10, 2013

Scott Mayson