May 15, 2015

Semester 2 2014 RMIT University


The idea of MedLAB is to create an undergraduate studio laboratory that will allow students to develop an understanding and broaden their interests in medical product design from semester to semester.

This will occur through two different streams:

  • Practical &
  • Conceptual

The practical method would focus around a current and existing idea. This may be brought to the studio by the student or a project may be presented to you from an external partner –

this semester we have a Midwifery birthing seat project, this will be a collaborative project between an external partner, RMIT Nursing & Midwifery + MedLAB students.

 The projects would be informed through research and case study analysis etc + a documentation outcome.

The conceptual method would look towards the future and would be speculative with regards to the outcomes. It does not have to be linked to an external person or partner. However, this stream would still focus on prototyping {computer/physical} + delivering a carefully considered process as a written/ documented outcome.