Happy Feet

Happy Feet is a foot scanning project with RMIT and Melbourne University pioneering work in infant biometrics to improve healthcare in developing countries – funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The project uses an existing finger scanning technology and hacks it with additive manufacturing to create a simple additional platform – transforming an off-the-shelf device into a foot scanner for babies that is simple and effective. The project helps to capture information about nomadic families who might not carry paper records of vital health information – like immunisations and biodata and can also help in child-theft cases. The project is a good example of how additive manufacturing is able to make objects that are fit for purpose in a timely way. The Future is Here | Design Museum London @ RMIT Design Hub | 28 August – 11 October 2014

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

August 15, 2014

Scott Mayson - Design Kathy Horadam & Stephen Davis - RMIT Jodie McVernon - Melbourne University

Design Thinking, Inclusive Design, Additive Manufacturing