May 15, 2015

Design Studio RMIT University.


Bodylab is a design laboratory for students who want to explore a real artefact and its relationship to the human body. You will be encouraged to participate with professionals who are trained in your area of interest. The teaching will be learner centred, ‘grades at the start of class’ and involve round table discussions, critique and requires naturally design/ prototyping practice. Students will need to bring their own project ideas. So start thinking! From this discussion and critique you will produce research and literature reviews to allow you to understand where opportunities may lye. Particular tools will be applied through the design process. These can be Element, User centred, Scenario, Universal Design processes and 3D

Computer tools. The formation of quick prototyping is encouraged throughout the project allowing you to test your ideas, and explore an iterative process of discovery through the formation of artefacts. The implementation of these practices allows a professional understanding of your specialisation. Over the past four years, various students have lead projects within the fields of: asthma, sports & athletic aids, drug delivery, surgical devices, respiratory aids, midwifery and vision impaired devices. Now – it’s your chance to mix-up the past and create a new vision for the bodyLAB pathway.

bodyLAB industry project

Depth of Anaesthesia Monitor ‘DAM’

This semester a small group of you can collaborate on an internal project with Scott Mayson and Dr David Liley ‘Swinburne University’. This project is focused around the tools above; you will design and manufacture the DAM device for surgery. Industry collaboration and all technical advice provided