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April 12, 2015

Scott Mayson

Design, Homewares,

[social_share] The Altocloud Bowl SML is expressed through the infinite possibilities of digital algorithmic design. The resulting 3D-Lattice structures are made possible through generating a series of randomised cloud points via a scripted algorithm that is skinned with mesh surface. Altocloud Bowl is a series with-in “Co-Produce” a series of works, where participants are able to vary the algorithm inputs via a tangible interface to create a bespoke version of the original data. This user interface manipulates the 3D CAD environment through simple human interaction. A set of unique designs are parameterised within the CAD environment. As a consumer evolves a set of parameters within the algorithm a random set of instructions lock of alternatives to the design. This in turn allows every consumer to craft and own their own bespoke version of the underlying designed artefact. The resulting bespoke outputs are 3D-Fabricated via SLS and SLA production methods. Associated Works: Interactive Prototyping Toolkit Variable Glass