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Nike MAKING is doing a lot of things right, hopefully this is a great example of their thought leadership in acting openly and acting sustainably. This tool shares their sustainability data in a predictive tool – so designers make better choices. Hopefully they share and cite the references that makeup the data used in the app.

only available at Apple Store hopefully Google Play Store soon.

Nike Making




Paperli snapshot

Inclusive & People Centred Design is our new newspaper dedicated to the topic of inclusive and community centred interventions. Inclusive & People Centred Design draws together web and social media comments from around the globe from sources including, Halen Hamlyn Centre for Design around the themes of:

  • Inclusive Design
  • User Centred Design
  • Design for All

The Inclusive & People Centred Design paper is a weekly edition ‘Monday at 3pm AEDT Melbourne Australia” is a online newspaper syndication platform allowing you to publish articles from web and social media in one place.

Why Design Thinking? from Design Thinking for Educators on Vimeo.


Design Thinking for Educators is…
A toolkit to enable a creative process that helps people to design meaningful solutions in the classroom, at your school, and in your community. The toolkit provides you with instructions to explore Design Thinking. A toolkit developed by IDEO + Riverdale.

Design Thinking for Educators


SMAPLY is a digital tool for developing and converging, user profiles + stakeholder maps + journey maps via the cloud. a tool for designers that allows the development of meaningful customer experiences. The Smaply tool allows designers to combine different practice based methods in a convenient way. as they say “All your service journeys, stakeholder maps and personas in one digital place. Visualise automatically, Present instantly. Edit simultaneously across teams.”



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